Incredible Coffee

You want the best possible coffee? You need the best bean, the best grinder and the best espresso machine. We have all of this. So when you blend them together magic happens.

Unique Tapas

Everyone loves delicious unique foods. Bold flavors in an exotic setting makes everything feel like a departure from the normal dining experience. We take you on a journey.

Luxurious Chocolate

Chocolate can take you places. Different textures added to fruit, cookies even bacon can transform the experience. We allow you to sip chocolate, dip chocolate and spoon it with peanut butter. The elixer of the Gods is chocolate.


Why is the coffee SOOOO GOOD?

We have a beautiful new LaMarzocca GB5 and a top of  line Mythos grinder. Combine this with highly trained baristas and you have the perfect recipe for the best coffee money can buy.

Let this be your home for a while

Nido is a sanctuary. A place where friends feel comfortable to sip, savor and talk in a soft comfortable setting.


Wait.... Where is this place???

Come find us in Vickery Village perched above Village Italian with a view of the action. We might be hard to find but that's part of the fun. Find us if you can!